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About VCP

The Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) provides Local Agency regulatory oversight services to property owners and facility operators who have experienced or discovered a hazardous materials discharge from other than an underground storage tank, and wish to voluntarily clean up the contamination and restore their property to a safe and equitable condition.



Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) only oversees non-complex remedial actions. The VCP Program will NOT accept the following types of cases:

Human Health Impact

Cases with a potential to impact human health will require a referral to the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).

Examples: Cases involving Dry Cleaning operations, indoor air impacts, schools, etc.

Surface & Ground Water Impact

Cases with a potential to impact surface or ground water will require a referral to the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).

Examples: Cases involving Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), spills that have high mobility or affinity to ground water, etc.

VCP Process

Step 1: The Initial Screening

Contact the VCP Desk by phone. A VCP team member will assess the case to verify that it is a non-complex mitigation appropriate for local oversite.

Step 2: VCP Application

If the case appears appropriate for local oversight, the applicant will complete and submit the VCP Application Packet by e-mail to the
vcp@sbcfire.org along with a fee. This Section will review the case to determine if the case is appropriate for oversight.

Step 3: Notification of Decision

The applicant will be notified if the case was accepted for local oversight or if the case has been denied. If the case is accepted for local oversight, then an invoice to initiate the project will be sent along with the notification.

Step 4: Pay Invoice

Invoice can be paid over the phone with credit card or by check.

Step 5: Work Plan Request

Once the invoice is paid, the applicant will receive the Agreement Letter and a request to submit a Work Plan.

Work Plan

The VCP team will review proposed assessment and mitigation/remediation against applicable regulatory standards and industry practices. The Responsible Party will receive notification if the work plan is deficient or acceptable. If the work plan is acceptable, the Responsible Party can proceed.

All VCP Work Plans are submitted by e-mail to the vcp@sbcfire.org. The RO# provided on the Agreement Letter must be provided in the Subject Line of the e-mail.

Qualified Environmental Professional

When a case is accepted by the VCP team for Local Oversight, the Responsible Party is required to hire a qualified environmental professional to provide remediation services. All documents containing geologic and/or contaminant migration interpretations must be signed by an experienced professional with the appropriate California registration or certification.

Field Oversight

The VCP team may witness field activities including initial assessment activities, mitigation or remediation of known contamination, and confirmation sampling. The VCP Desk must be notified by email 5 days prior to each sampling activity.

Remedial Action Completion Plan (RACP)

After mitigation and remediation activities have been completed, a RACP will be submitted. The RACP will document remediation of contamination and will include a Confirmation Sampling Plan. The RACP will be reviewed and approved by the VCP team.

Confirmation Sampling

Contamination at the site must be mitigated to agreed upon cleanup levels. The confirmation sampling will be witnessed by a VCP team member. Scheduling request for the Confirmation Sampling must be submitted to the VCP Desk via e-mail.

Final Report / Certificate of Completion

If confirmation sampling results indicate that cleanup standards have been achieved, then a Final Report will be submitted to the VCP Desk. If the Final Report is approved, the site will be sent a Certificate of Completion.

Referral to Other Agency

If during the course of the project the nature or the complexity of the remedial action changes or the cleanup standards cannot be achieved with local oversight, then the project will be referred for oversight to DTSC or RWQCB.

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