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Policies, Procedures and Operations Directives

Type Name Category Actions
pdf Ball Cap Standard Operations Directives
pdf Child Support Compliance Program Policies & Procedures
pdf Code of Safe Practices Policies & Procedures
pdf Conflict of Interest, Unauthorized Acceptance of Grat.. Operations Directives
pdf DFEH Sexual Harassment Pamphlet Policies & Procedures
pdf Dress Code Policy Policies & Procedures
pdf Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy Policies & Procedures
pdf Drug Free Workplace Policy Policies & Procedures
pdf E-Mail Policy Policies & Procedures
pdf Electronic Mail (E-Mail) Systems Policies & Procedures
pdf Family Leave Paid Insurance Program Brochure Policies & Procedures
pdf Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Policies & Procedures
pdf Federal and State False Claims Act Policies & Procedures
pdf Fire District Rules and Regulation Policies & Procedures
pdf Footwear Policy (Fire Suppression) Operations Directives
pdf Grooming Standards Operations Directives
pdf Hazardous Materials, Personal Exposure Program Operations Directives
pdf Internet/Intranet Use Policy Policies & Procedures
pdf Modes of Transportation While Traveling on County Policies & Procedures
pdf Paid Call Firefighter Operations Directives
pdf Personnel Rules for Board Governed Special Districts Policies & Procedures
pdf Photographs, Video Production and Distribution Operations Directives
pdf Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Retal… Policies & Procedures
pdf Social Media Policy Guidelines Operations Directives
pdf Standards of Dress and Grooming Operations Directives
pdf Substance Abuse/Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies & Procedures
pdf Uniform Policy Operations Directives
pdf Uniform Policy (Fire Suppression) Operations Directives
pdf Vehicle Policy Policies & Procedures
pdf Violence in the Workplace, Zero Tolerance Policies & Procedures
pdf Whistleblowers Are Protected Policy Policies & Procedures

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

  • Ambulance Operators, Local 935 (Ambulance Operators)
  • Emergency Services (Call Taker, Dispatcher, Supervising Dispatcher)
  • Fire Management (Battalion Chiefs)
  • Firefighter Local 935 (Suppression)
  • General Fire Support (Parts Chaser, Facilities Attendant, Equipment Tech., Mechanic, SCBA Tech., Parts Specialist)
  • Specialized Fire Services (ESO, Nurse Educator, Training Officer, Environmental Specialist, FPO, FP Specialist, FP Supervisor, HM Specialist, Senior Plans Examiner)
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