Daniel R. Munsey, Fire Chief/Fire Warden
  • Clearly label each container of hazardous waste with:
    1. The words “Hazardous Waste”
    2. Contents of the container
    3. Name and address of the generator
    4. Hazardous properties of the waste
    5. Physical state (e.g., liquid, solid, gas)
    6. Starting date for waste accumulation
  • Maintain proper emergency equipment
  • Maintain a current contingency plan
  • Conduct weekly inspections of hazardous waste storage areas
  • Conduct daily inspections of hazardous waste storage tanks
  • Provide training to employees
  • Keep accurate disposal and training records
  • Limit on-site storage to regulatory limits
  • Select appropriate treatment methods for hazardous wastes
  • Use only authorized hazardous waste disposal facilities
  • Whenever possible, eliminate, reduce and recycle wastes
  • Prepare a source reduction plan or checklist as required
  • Prepare a Biennial Report as required