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Inspections of new construction, tenant improvements, additions, and other building modifications, as well as various fire protection systems, are required by the California Fire Code and the California Building Code. San Bernardino County Fire Department personnel conduct inspections to ensure the fire and life safety requirements of the project are in accordance with these codes and local Fire Prevention Standards.

Types of construction inspections conducted by the San Bernardino County Fire Department include but are not limited to:

Fire Inspector signing job card

Inspection Readiness

Scheduling Inspections

All construction inspections must be scheduled during regular business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. A printed copy of the approved plans and job card must be available onsite. The permit holder (licensed contractor) must be present at all times during the inspection.


The San Bernardino County Fire Department inspector will conduct a walkthrough with the contractor to verify that the scope of work is completed as indicated on approved plans and in accordance with the Fire Code and Fire Prevention Standards.

Inspection Sign Off

The San Bernardino County Fire Department inspector will sign off on the job card and note in the electronic database for each inspection Pass, Pass with Corrections or Fail. A report of the inspection and any corrections will be provided to the licensed contractor during the inspection via email. If these corrections require revisions to the approved plans, these must be submitted and additional fees may apply.

Final Inspection

Final inspection and approval for fire protection systems or for building Certificate of Occupancy will be granted after the San Bernardino County Fire Department inspector verifies that all requirements and conditions are met. The inspector will sign off on all job cards in the field and electronically.