What We Accept

Collection Facilities accept a wide variety of household generated hazardous wastes. These services are FREE for San Bernardino County residents only. Proof of residency may be requested. Call 909-382-5401 or 1-800-OILY-CAT (1-800-645-9228) for disposal options.

Collection Facilities Will Accept Household Generated:

  • checkedMotor Oil, Oil Filters
  • checkedAuto & Household Batteries
  • checkedPaints, Paint Products, Paint Thinner & Wood Preservatives
  • checkedCleaners, Gasoline, Antifreeze, Weed Killers
  • checkedPesticides & Fertilizers, Pool & Hobby Supplies
  • checkedAuto & Furniture Polish, Chemical Drain Cleaners
  • checkedElectronic Waste Collection available throughout San Bernardino County.
  • checkedSharps/Needles in approved container (not accepted at all locations)
  • checkedOutdated Medications, non-controlled substances, separate liquids & solids
  • checkedMercury Thermostats

Collection Facilities Will Not Accept:

  • crossedHigh Watt-Hour Li-Ion Batteries
  • crossedLarge Compressed Gas Cylinders
  • crossedRemediation Waste
  • crossedLarge appliances (A/C, refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers etc.)
  • crossedConstruction and demolition waste
For Disposal Options

Call 909-382-5401 or 1-800-OILY-CAT (1-800-645-9228)

Before Transporting Hazardous Waste

Before transporting household generated hazardous waste to a collection facility or ABOP facility, be sure that . . .

  • checkedThe amount of waste transported does not exceed 15 gallons or 125 pounds. Container volume must not exceed 5 gallons. Must be sound and sealed.
  • checkedThe waste is in its original container or is properly labeled as to its contents.
  • checkedWaste is placed securely in the back of the vehicle for safe transport (except sharps)
  • checkedThe contents of the container are the same as stated on the label. If not the same, cover up the label and write the name of its contents.
  • checkedPlace sharps/needles in approved container. It is illegal to transport in plastic milk jug, coffee can, plastic bag, or soda bottle.
  • checkedClick here to create your own alternative sharps container with FREE printable labels
  • checkedCall 909-382-5401 or 1-800-OILY-CAT (1-800-645-9228) for information on obtaining an approved container.
  • checkedPlace items in a cardboard box or secure container. Wrap glass bottles in cloth or newspaper so they do not break while transported.
  • checkedPlace the cardboard box in the trunk of your car or in the bed of your pickup truck. Keep items away from passengers.
  • checkedFollow directions once you reach the collection site. At the site, staff will unload the chemicals from your vehicle. You will be asked to stay inside your vehicle.

For non – San Bernardino County Residents, visit Earth 911, or call your local solid waste authority for information.

Dispose of Controlled Substances / Medication/Sharps

  • checkedMedication
  • crossedVaping
  • checkedMedication
  • checkedVaping

Next National Drug Take Back Day is April 27, 2024

  • checkedMedication
  • checkedSharps

1(844) MED-PROJECT OR 1(844)633-7765

  • checkedMedication
  • checkedSharps


For more information regarding the Medication and Sharps Stewardships programs, please visit the CalRecycle website

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