Over the weekend, the remnants of Tropical Storm Hilary impacted San Bernardino County with high winds and significant rainfall.

During the height of the storm, the Santa Ana River overflowed its banks near the community of Seven Oaks.  Several structures were damaged by flood waters and debris flow.  Approximately 30 residents were left stranded on the opposite bank of the river.  First responders from San Bernardino County Fire and Sheriff’s departments accessed the area to make contact.  Due to the degree of water flow and debris, including boulders, moving through the riverbed, the decision was made to have the residents shelter in place overnight.

On Monday morning, Swift Water Rescue teams from San Bernardino County Fire reevaluated water conditions and again determined that a water based rescue was too hazardous.  With one resident suffering from a lower leg injury, the decision was made to bring in San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Aviation Unit to attempt a rescue.  Aviation personnel successfully extricated the injured victim who was transferred to an awaiting ambulance for transport to local hospital.

During interviews with the stranded parties, it was determined that one person was unaccounted for.  Eyewitnesses state that an adult female was inside a trailer that was swept away in the flash flood.

Rescue efforts are ongoing with search and rescue personnel from both SBCoFD and SBSD. 

Aviation assets continue to extract parties from the Seven Oaks area; however, some residents have declined helicopter rescue and requested to wait until flood waters recede.  To facilitate this request, firefighter/paramedics equipped with medical gear, food and water are being inserted by helicopter to embed overnight with the remaining parties.  The anticipated plan is to successfully remove all stranded parties from the area tomorrow morning.