SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CA – The San Bernardino County Fire Protection District (SBCFPD) is deploying a new bulldozer and trailer specifically designed for fire suppression, enhancing County Fire’s capability to combat wildfires and ensure the safety of the communities within San Bernardino County. The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians awarded County Fire a grant in the amount of $725,000 toward purchase of this new firefighting apparatus.

The fire bulldozer and trailer will play a critical role in the County Fire wildland fuel mitigation efforts, infrastructure hardening, and enhanced response capacity to wildland fire incidents. This proactive measure is part of SBCFPD’s ongoing strategy to mitigate the impact of large catastrophic fires, which pose a significant threat to the wildland urban interface areas surrounding the communities served by the Fire District.

“This generous contribution from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is not just a donation; it’s a commitment to the safety and well-being of all residents in San Bernardino County,” stated Fire Chief Dan Munsey. “The addition of the fire suppression bulldozer and trailer will significantly bolster our firefighting efforts. In addition, it will help us assist our communities during significant flood and snow events. We are very thankful for this partnership, which enhances our ability to serve and safeguard our county.”

The deployment is a step forward in the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District’s commitment to utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment to enhance wildfire preparedness and response. With the ability to access and clear vegetation in challenging terrains, this addition significantly boosts the district’s operational effectiveness. It also demonstrates the SBCFPD’s dedication to innovation in firefighting techniques, ensuring that the firefighters are equipped with the tools necessary to manage and mitigate the risks associated with wildfires effectively. This commitment to advanced firefighting capabilities is part of a broader strategy to ensure the highest level of protection for the communities and natural landscapes of San Bernardino County, reflecting the district’s proactive approach to emergency management and community safety.

“Lands across the County are home to vegetation and other natural resources that provided food, medicines, tools, and building materials to our ancestors and to our Serrano culture today,” said Chairwoman Lynn Valbuena, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. “Fuel mitigation will help to ensure that Native plants and natural resources have a healthy environment for growth while helping to protect our Inland Empire communities and cultural resources from wildfires. This equipment will aid the San Bernardino County Fire Department in their proactive and responsive efforts.” 

This funding signifies a pivotal advancement in the fire protection services available to over 60 communities and unincorporated areas spanning more than 20,160 square miles. The addition of this essential equipment is a testament to the collaborative spirit and mutual support between the SBCFPD and the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, aimed at fostering a safer and more wildfire ready community.

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