Date/Time: 10/01/2023, 5:51PM
Location: 1200 block W. Rialto Ave, City of San Bernardino
Incident: Structure Fire


SBCoFD Firefighters responded to a structure fire at the 1200 block of W. Rialto Ave in the City of San Bernardino at 5:51 PM today. Upon arrival, firefighters found a single-story single-family home with dark pressurized smoke coming from the rear of the house. Engine crews quickly deployed hose lines and gained access to the structure, discovering a working attic fire burning throughout the entire home. Initial reports indicated that everyone had safely evacuated, but firefighters conducted a thorough search to ensure no one was inside. That search came up clear. Simultaneously, truck crews assisted from the roof above by performing vertical ventilation. The fire was extinguished within 20 minutes of arrival.

The incident was successfully contained, with no reported injuries to firefighters or civilians. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by the County Office of the Fire Marshal. Four engines, One truck company, One Fire Investigator, and a Chief Officer, responded to the incident for a total of 17 firefighters.

Fire Safety Alert: Plan Your Home Evacuation

Your safety and the safety of your loved ones are top priorities. Take a moment to preplan your home evacuation in case of a fire emergency. Here’s how:

  • Create a Map: Sketch a simple floor plan of your home. Highlight all exits, including doors and windows.
  • Install Smoke Alarms: Ensure smoke alarms are installed in key areas of your home and test them regularly. They’re your early warning system!
  • Choose Meeting Spots: Designate two meeting spots: one near your home (like a tree) and another at a safe distance, like a neighbor’s house or a landmark.
  • Emergency Numbers: Teach everyone in your household to dial 911 in case of fire or any emergency.
  • Practice Drills: Conduct fire drills regularly. Practice crawling low under smoke and exiting quickly. Make it a fun family activity!
  • Stay Low in Smoke: Smoke rises; clean air is near the floor. Teach family members to stay low while evacuating.
  • Don’t Delay: When the smoke alarm sounds, leave immediately. Don’t search for belongings or pets; your safety is paramount.
  • Close Doors: As you leave rooms, close doors behind you. This can help contain the fire and smoke.
  • Know Your Escape: Ensure everyone knows two ways out of each room. Windows can be an alternate escape route.
  • Stay Calm: Stay calm and help others, especially children and the elderly, to evacuate safely.
  • Practice Outside: Once outside, stay out. Never re-enter a burning building.
  • Call for Help: Dial 911 once you’re safely outside. Report the fire and your location.

By preplanning your home evacuation and practicing fire drills, you increase your family’s chances of escaping safely in case of a fire. Stay safe and be prepared!

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