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Office of Emergency Services

Picture of San Bernardino County Facilities

Steps to Developing Your Evacuation Plan

Community Emergency Response Teams are the neighborhood's first response in a major disaster.

Office of Emergency Services

The Office of Emergency Services (County OES) is a Division of the San Bernardino County Fire Department. County OES is responsible for disaster planning and emergency management coordination throughout the San Bernardino County Operational Area (OA) by functioning as the Lead Agency for the OA. County OES serves a county population of over 2 million and over 20,100 square miles. While County OES does not directly manage field operations, as does an Incident Command Post (ICP), it ensures coordination of disaster response and recovery efforts through day-to-day program management and during a disaster/emergency.

Other major areas of responsibility

  • Initial staffing and coordination of the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which is the primary coordination point for disasters and major emergencies.
  • Coordination of EOC Responders, who are pre-selected and trained individuals to perform specific functions in the EOC as designated under the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS).
  • Development and coordination of annual exercises to test the readiness of various types of disasters and large-scale emergencies.
  • Development and implementation of the OA Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). The EOP identifies hazards and response, roles and responsibilities, and other key activities of government during a disaster. County OES also maintains current copies of all San Bernardino County City/Town EOP’s.
  • Development and implementation of other Emergency Management documents to be used throughout the County by many agencies:
    • Annexes, such as the Terrorism, Citizen Corps Program and Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Annexes.Picture of CESA Gold Award for Flood Area Safety Task Force
    • Concept of Operations (CONOPS), such as the Flood Area Safety Taskforce (FAST) and Telephone Emergency Notification (TENS) CONOPS.
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), such as the EOC Section and Citizen Corps Program SOPs.
  • Assistance in the development and coordination of the Mountain Area Safety Taskforce (MAST) and Flood Area Safety Taskforce (FAST) organizations.
  • Coordination of many disaster-related Grant Programs for the County, such programs as Homeland Security Grant, Bark Beetle Emergency Grant, and OJP State Domestic Preparedness Equipment Program.
  • Development and coordination of Emergency Alert System (EAS) notifications for countywide distribution, such as Evacuation Orders (both voluntary and mandatory).
  • Assistance to County unincorporated communities and residents with local region preparedness.