Red Flag Warning Program Implemented

Sept 29 - As Santa Ana winds and the possibility of wildfires loom on the horizon, your local San Bernardino County Fire Department (SBCoFire) has implemented some important programs to keep this county safe and the fire chiefs presented them in a press conference today in Devore. The focus of the press conference was the Red Flag Warning program.
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Ambulance Operator Program Put into Action

Sept 22 - You will soon see a different color helmet as County Fire initiates its first class of Ambulance Operator Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), but rest assured you will receive the same professional emergency medical services as you are now. This pioneer program is designed to augment staffing levels by putting licensed medical responders in the field so that professional firefighters can return to service and provide a more effective work force to ensure our communities are provided with the highest level of firefighting services. Read more

Office of Emergency Services Wins Gold for Second Year

Sept 16 - For the second year in a row, the San Bernardino County Fire, Office of Emergency Services (County Fire OES) was awarded the Gold Award by the California Emergency Services Association (CESA) at the association’s annual conference in Indian Wells. On September 10, the Office of Emergency Services received the association’s highest honor for its creation of the “ROPE FOG” (Responders Organized for Pass Emergencies - Field Operations Guide). Last year’s award was received for the development of the innovative Shelter Operations Compound, or SHOC, plan. Read more

Pallet Yard Fire Sparks 3rd Alarm Response

Sept 14, 9:48 p.m. - Firefighters responded to a 3rd alarm commercial fire at Monarcas Pallets, located at the 13800 block of Slover Ave. in Fontana. Initial reports stated there were explosions coming from within the pallet yard.
Upon arrival minutes later, firefighters found numerous stacks of pallets, some as high as 30 feet, encompassing about 2 1/2 acres, fully engulfed in 100' flame lengths and quickly spreading to adjacent properties. Semi trucks with tractor trailers attached, as well as stand along cargo trailers and passenger vehicles surrounding the facility were already catching fire and putting adjacent businesses at risk.
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Always Remembered, Never Forgotten…09/11

Out of the ordinary – often the extraordinary is born! Everyone has a hero in his or her life – someone who has done astonishing things like the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have sacrificed or compromised their lives in the line-of-duty in the 9/11 attacks. San Bernardino County Fire salutes our unsung firefighters amongst all the other public safety personnel for their courage, service and their life in the horrific events of 9/11/2001. As we remember the events of that horrific tragedy, let us not forget others who are still dying and suffering due to the effects from the exposure during the rescue and recovery attempts. We honor these heroes for their selfless commitment to serving our country. Read more