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Fire Prevention Standards

Fire Apparatus Access Road Design, Construction and Maintenance Standard Number A-1
Fire Apparatus Access Road Designation and Markings Standard Number A-2
Gates and Other Obstructions to Fire Department Access Standard Number A-3
Fire Department Access Key Boxes Standard Number A-4
Premise and Building Identification and Addressing Standard Number B-1
Construction Site Fire Safety Standard Number B-2

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Commercial and Industrial Buildings Standard Number F-1
Fire Sprinkler Systems in One and Two Family Dwellings Standard Number F-2
Fire Sprinkler Systems in Multi-Family Dwellings Standard Number F-3
Post Indicator Valves and Fire Department Connections Standard Number F-4
Design, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems Standard Number F-5
Organic Product Storage Standard Number G-1
Outside Firewood Storage and Logging Yards Standard Number G-2
Pallet Refurbishing and Storage Yards Standard Number G-3

High Pile Storage/Warehouse Buildings Standard Number S-1
Auto Wrecking and Storage Yards Standard Number S-2
Requirements to Meet Board of Forestry and Fire Protection Regulations for
State Responsibility Areas Within San Bernardino County Fire Protection District
Standard Number SRA-1
Water Supply for Residential Fire Protection Standard Number W-1
Onsite Fire Protection Water Systems Standard Number W-2
Temporary Water Supply Systems for Fire Protection Standard Number W-4

Standards 01/02/03dc
Revised 03/12/08
Revised 04/12/16

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