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Universal Waste

On February 9, 2006 small businesses and households became subject to the California Universal Waste Rule. What this means for most is that certain “universally” generated hazardous wastes can no longer be disposed of into the municipal solid waste landfills in California. Disposal of a Universal Waste is now considered disposal of a hazardous waste, and improper management carries all of the consequences that the unlawful disposal of a hazardous waste carries in the State of California. The most common universal wastes are non-automotive batteries, fluorescent tubes, cathode ray tube (CRT) materials, consumer electronic devices, non-empty aerosol cans, and mercury switches.

As the local regulatory agency for San Bernardino County (except for the incorporated City of Victorville), the San Bernardino County CUPA is working toward the goal of educating our currently permitted businesses that are now responsible for handling their Universal Wastes, as well as reach out to those businesses that are now required to follow the handling standards set forth through the California Universal Waste Rule. Note that while all generators and handlers of Universal Wastes must abide by the applicable management requirements, additional permits as a Universal Waste Handler in San Bernardino County will be required only for those that are not Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators.

In July 2005, The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors approved the introduction of a permit fee for Universal Waste Handlers under the San Bernardino County CUPA jurisdiction. Again, Universal Waste permits do NOT apply to Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Universal Waste Generators.


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Sunset of exemptions for households and small generators (pdf)

For Homeowners:

Find a Universal Waste disposal site on the San Bernardino County Fire Household Hazardous Waste webpage

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