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Flood Preparation Site

No matter where you live in San Bernardino County, flooding is the one natural disaster you are likely to encounter. Deserts, mountains, and the valley have all had their share of flooding.

Heavy rainfall can cause normally dry washes and riverbeds to become raging torrents in a very short amount of time and it only takes as little as 12 inches of moving water to move a vehicle. Never cross a road that you can’t see due to it being covered by water, remember, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.”

When heavy rain has been forecast – or when heavy, steady rain is falling – monitor the news, websites and social media sites for updated weather conditions. The phrasing meteorologists use is important; a Flood Watch means flooding is possible in your area, Flood Warning means flooding in your area is already occurring or is imminent, and Flash Flood is sudden violent flooding. Flash floods often come up quickly during heavy rain.

The best preparation for possible flooding is to plan ahead. The Ready!Set!Go! Flood Preparation brochure will show you some of the things you can do to protect your home, property and family. You’ll find information about how to prepare for wet weather, where you can sign up for emergency alerts, fire stations that have sandbags available, and what you should have in an emergency kit. There is also specific information for areas that have recently been burned by wildfire.

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Flood Prevention Booklet

 Ready!Set!Go! Flood Preparation Brochure
Flood Prevention Booklet Spanish

 Ready!Set!Go! Flood Preparation Brochure (Spanish)
El Nino Flyer

 Prepare for El Niño
Family Disaster Booklet

 Your Family Disaster Plan
Sandbag Location List

 Sand and Sandbag Locations
In Case of Flood Information

 What to do in Case of a Flood
Debris and Erosion Control

 Debris and Erosion Control
Animation of El Niño Storms

 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Animation of El Niño Storms


SBCoFire is prepared, are you video
SBCoFire is prepared, are you?
04:23 Minutes

Flood Prevention video
Turn Around Don’t Drown Video
00:52 Minutes

Sandbag Instruction video
Army Corps of Engineers – How to fill and place sandbags
08:24 Minutes

Winter Outlook Briefing
El Niño and Winter Outlook Briefing- NWS San Diego Video
13:02 Minutes


El Nino Ahead